Luiza Zan and Gyárfás István Trio


Luiza Zan comes to Republic Hub to bring to life the spirit of high-class jazz. With a career spanning several decades, Luiza Zan has captivated audiences with her distinctive vocal timbre and electrifying performances. The artist has collaborated with renowned musicians and has performed at international music festivals. With a repertoire that combines the classic lines of jazz with modern reinterpretations and original compositions, Luiza is an exceptional stage presence.
At Republic Hub, Luiza Zan combines emotion with jazz alongside the band Gyárfás István Trio from Budapest. Gyárfás István Trio, one of the most appreciated jazz bands in Hungary, brings together the talent of three musicians – Gyárfás István on guitar, Oleg Belkine on double bass, and Sárkány Sándor on drums. The trio combines on stage a captivating fusion of musical styles, from classic jazz to contemporary influences.
Gyárfás István, the leader of the band, stands out for his virtuosity on the guitar and his ability to turn each note into a musical story. The band's live performances are characterized by a unique combination of perfect technique, spontaneous improvisation, and pure emotion.
Join us for an evening of open-stage jazz in an exceptional performance.
Tickets: Republic Production Schedule: 7:00 PM – General access (open doors) 8:00 PM – Concert by Luiza Zan and Gyárfás István Trio Ticket prices: 60 RON pre-sale (valid until June 25) 70 RON (access on the day of the event)

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