Saltwater pools in Mureş County

Mureş County enjoys a high touristic potential thanks to its rich offer, with a concentration of valuable and varied tourist attractions. Among these attractions, saltwater pools hold a special place as they manage to offer their visitors unique moments by providing various treatments and procedures aimed at improving or even curing a wide range of ailments, but also a proper environment for relaxation, rest and fun.
Some of the most popular salt water pools are listed below. 
Probably one of the most famous is the Sovata spa resort, located at an altitude of about 500 m, at the foot of the Gurghiu Mountains. Located at 60 km from the county seat of Târgu Mureş, its main attraction is the heliothermic salt water lake, called The Bear Lake, which is also used for bathing. The Bear Lake is on the list of Romania's natural monuments and is one of the most sought-after lakes in the country, being the largest heliothermic lake in the world, and also the only saltwater lake that enjoys an incredibly rich natural environment. The lake is located on a mountain of salt and is stretched on a 40,000 sq m surface, it has a width of 170 m, an average salinity of 250 g/liter and a depth of about 18 m. The average water temperature reaches values between 27-30 °C in summer and it can increase with the depth up to 37 °C. 
The lakeside treatment center has been operating as a spa since 1928, being probably the first of its kind in the Sovata area, its healing properties being attributed to both the salt water and the mud found on the bottom of the lake. The pool operates from 10 am to 6 pm, with a break for the lake to "rest" from 1 to 3 pm, when tourists are invited to get out of the water. Those who wish can choose to remain inside the spa's area where they can relax on the lakeside terrace, while those who prefer to spend their time in a different way can opt for a walk along the promenade, for different shows or restaurants in the area. The lake is maintained daily in the summer season, so visitors are able to enjoy its healing properties at affordable prices and good conditions. 
Although the Bear Lake is the most famous saltwater lake in the resort, there are five other saltwater lakes in Sovata: Aluniş, Roşu, Verde, Negru and Mierlei. Lacul Negru or the Black Lake is also open to the public between 9 am and 7 pm, and it has been open since 2019. The spa center offers a wide range of treatments. Besides bathing, visitors can also benefit from sapropelic mud wraps. A 90-seat restaurant, a day bar and a heated outdoor pool complete the offer.
Ideciu de Jos is also one of the places in the county meant for those who want to relax. The saltwater pool here is chosen by those who seek to enjoy the peace offered by this place and wish to get some rest. In the village located on the banks of the river Mureş, at about 7 kilometers from Reghin, there is a saltwater swimming pool managed by the local administration. The concentrated saltwater springs, the saltwater lake, the therapeutic mud and the important investments made in recent years are the main reasons why tourists choose and appreciate this area. 
Pools fed by saltwater springs with a concentration of 150 to 300 g of salt / liter, rich in calcium, fluorine, iodine, bromine, iron, magnesium and sulfur are available to visitors from Monday to Sunday, from 8:30 am until 9 pm. They are intended for both adults and children, having different depths, up to a maximum of 1.6 m. There is also an area for nudism and a small sandy beach, the surrounding green space providing fresh air and a relaxing fairy tale setting. Salt water and mineral mud with radioactive effect substances, folliculin and progesterone are recommended by specialists to treat rheumatic, gynecological and respiratory disorders. 
One of the most attractive saltwater swimming pools in Transylvania is located near Târgu Mureş, more precisely in Sângeorgiu de Mureş, a commune bordering the county seat municipality. This is the Apollo Wellness Club complex. The leisure center lies on an area of 24 ha, with a private swimming pool and it represents an important attraction in terms of services and leisure opportunities offered to its visitors. The outdoor pools with salt or fresh water, the mini pool for children, the relaxing areas, the playground, the beach with sun loungers, the terraces, the beach volleyball court, the nudist area and the green paradise or a good massage... are all reasons why tourists and locals choose this location. The resort also offers other services to those who choose to spend their time here, such as a hotel, corporate services, a sports center or a spa. The opening hours for the swimming pool are from Monday to Sunday, between 8 am and 8 pm, and the rates vary depending on the age of the visitors and the days of the week. The water here has the highest iodine concentration in Transylvania, 11.4 mg / liter, the saltwater baths being recommended in case of disorders of the nervous system, genitourinary system, musculoskeletal disorders or hypothyroidism. 
A resort also famous for its water, due to the fact that it has the greatest salinity in Transylvania, particularly charming, yet currently neglected and waiting for an investor to help make it shine again, is located in Jabeniţa, in Solovăstru commune. Jabeniţa Lake is a former salt quarry dating back to Roman times, set up as a spa resort in 1830 and known as a resort of the nobility. The mud from Jabeniţa was known throughout Europe, being sought by the health centers of the Austro-Hungarian Empire.
There are varied options when it comes to benefiting from the therapeutic properties of the saltwater springs and lakes in the county and enjoying moments of relaxation... all we have to do is hit the road and look for the ones that best fit our expectations and needs. Nature has been kind to our county, so let's repay her by treasuring and embracing all that it has to offer. is

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