Autumn in Mureş county

Autumn in Mureş county

Do you catch yourself, in these sunny days of autumn, sighing after the summer that seems to have passed too quickly this year as well? 


Still... it's hard to dwell too long thinking about the summer that has passed when autumn has so much to offer us. Nostalgia disappears with each new spot of color that pops around, with each cool night that makes us appreciate the sunny days even more and also urges us to be more careful with the way we manage the hours of daylight, with each rain that reminds us that sometimes nothing is more pleasant than to nestle under a warm blanket from where to listen to its soothing sound.


If you happen to live in Mureş county or take your steps here in the fall, find out that there are countless places worth venturing into and just as many things you can do.  


In Câmpul Cetății for example, year after year in September, a festival called Hot air balloon paradeis held. This year took place during September 23rd-25th and it had as its main objective the sports competition. Those wishing to enjoy a balloon flight could do it only by a prior reservation. Also during this period, in Iara De Mureş, a less common festival was held. The Magiun (jam) festival, an idea that was born as a result of the discussions had with the administration of Demecser in Hungary, a town twinned with Iara de Mureş.

A week earlier, in the period September 16-18, in Târgu Mureş, the fourth edition of  Târgul Cetății (The City Fair), was held on the boulevard that guards the Citadel located in the center of the city. Within it various producers and artisans from Mureş county and other neighboring counties present and sell their products. The next edition is scheduled for the weekend 14 and October 16

In Cloașterf the beginning of September was marked by Sărbătoarea zacuştii, at its second edition, the organizers being members of Saschiz Volunteer Center and camping ”Zori”. Here zacusca lovers found a space for socialization, tourism in the area and community values.


Music fans will be glad to know that during the October 8-13 in Târgu Mureş takes place The International Piano Competition, meanwhile at Sovata, between October 14 and 16 it is organized a Pumpkin Festival. In Sighisoara in November will be held The Hungarian Diaspora Ball, where people interested in culture, representatives of Hungarian communities as well as representatives of other cities twinned with Sighişoara will meet.


Autumn is a good time to explore the areas of the county where nature reveals itself to tourists in all its richness and splendor. We particularly recommend the hill and mountain areas, but also the  Upper Mureş River Defile, where the forests are preparing to shed their leaves offering incredibly beautiful and varied visual shows. 

If you are passing through Târgu Mureş, you can choose to take a walk on the Mureş River's bank, in the Weekend Complex, at the Botanical Garden of the ”George Emil Palade” University of Medicine Pharmacy Sciences and Technology, at the Corneşti plateau, in the Lovers' Park or on the Cetăţii boulevard, and enjoy the scenery offered by the trees that display their garments colored in shades of yellow and copper. 


There are also many other places in the county where the eyes can fall prey to the tomnatic show, such as Mureş Valley and the many settlements that guard it, the highest geographical point in Reghin, The Round Forest, from where you can admire the city... If you have not yet managed to visit theThe Secular Oaks Reserve in Mociar Forest , you can do it now as they prepare for their winter rest. Sovata and Câmpul Cetății, and their surroundings as well are an equally attractive destination this season, a leisurely ride in The Mocăniţa Train is perfect for an unforgettable memory. We also recommend Sighişoara with its Fortress offering an unparalleled view of the surrounding hills, covered by forests, like the one of the Breite plateau. About 19 km from Sighişoara Bethlen Castle can be found in Criş village. A medieval tourist attraction in Gothic style with Renaissance influences, considered to be one of the most beautiful in the country.


Whether you choose to tour the various festivals and fairs that take place throughout the county during this period, whether you will opt for the quieter version of car rides, Mocăniţa or rather tour on foot in these areas of natural beauty, on the mountain trails in the upper gorge of Mures or those near Sovata we are convinced that you will have a great autumn. Enjoy the county to the full!


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