Relaxing walk in Sovata

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Take a self-guided walk in the old town - Sovata.  Following this path, you can stroll through the past and present sights of Sovata and get to know the resort's most impressive buildings. 
Duration: 1 hour

Sovata started to become famous as a balneo therapeutic health resort in the late 1800s, when József Veress founded the salt spring-water health center „Gera Bath” in „Lower Sovata”, on Géra Street. Today there is a Unitarian church on that spot, but the existing salt spring water source reminds us of the former „Géra Bath”. Walking from the salty water well in the direction of the Bear Lake you reach „Upper Sovata”, which has expanded over the years and is now the central part of the resort. Year after year Sovata became more famous because of the healing effects of its lakes, which attracted more and more visitors. As a result, villas that evoke the atmosphere of the 19th century were built, which can be seen along the way. 
The next notable point is the Mary's Well , which was named after actress Mari Jászai, who was a great fan of Sovata Resort. Not far from here you can see the Judges' Villa, which was built for the treatment of the officials. The next two emblematic buildings are Pacsirta Villa, also known as the Twin Villas, which, after renovation, faithfully reflects the architecture of that era.  Right next to these Villas is the former Greek Catholic wooden church, which now belongs to the Orthodox Church. Walking further from here we reach the heart of the resort, the Bear Lake, where once two iconic buildings were standing: the Mushrooms. Today only one of them, the Little Mushroom building is still standing.
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Ghera well

1. Ghera well

Maria spring - Sovata

2. Maria spring - Sovata

Villa of the magistrates

3. Villa of the magistrates

Wooden church - Sovata

4. Wooden church - Sovata

Hotel Pacsirta

5. Hotel Pacsirta

Trandafirilor street

6. Trandafirilor street

Parc Petőfi

7. Parc Petőfi

Ciuperca Mică - Sovata

8. Ciuperca Mică - Sovata

9. Bear Lake - Sovata


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