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Saschiz is a medieval settlement. It was one of the points of support for the Hungarian kingdom in the process of conquering Transylvania. In the 12th century, the capital of the Seat was established in Saschiz, here was the capital of the Szeklers of KEZD, which controlled a large part of the middle basin of Târnava Mare river. After the year 1200, some of the Szeklers were given the order to move to the mountainous areas of the East, leaving only 6 gentiles and 4 nations in Saschiz. Between 1264 and 1289, they were moved to the Aries Seat, specially created for them, as a reward for their remarkable behavior in the battles with the Cumans and Mongols. Saxon colonists have developed this area economically, so there were 2 churches, 5 chapels, a monastery, a school, a hospital, and many active, wealthy guilds in Saschiz. In 1999, Saschiz was listed on the UNESCO heritage list as a rural site.
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1. Fortified Church - Saschiz

2. Church Tower - Saschiz

3. Peasant Fortress - Saschiz


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