Cultural trail in Targu Mures

Paths / Cultural trail in Targu Mures

Târgu Mureș, also called the city of flowers, is the county seat of Mureș County, mentioned in the papal tithes since 1334 as Novum Forum Siculorum (The New Szekler Market). One of the four Franciscan monasteries in Transylvania was built here, whose ruins can be seen today, in the Medieval Citadel. In the 17th century, the city received the title of free royal town, after which its name was changed to Târgu Mureș. The town is considered to be an important cultural and religious center, as well as a famous academic town, where the important mathematicians Bolyai János and Farkas lived and taught. The foundations of the modern city were laid by the innovative mayor Dr. Bernády György - in the early 1900s, when infrastructure was developed and many iconic buildings in the city were built. Târgu Mureș is known as a multicultural city, whose imprints can be seen in the customs and traditions that give a splash of color to the life of this city in the heart of Transylvania. 

The tourist attractions in Târgu Mureș are the Foyer of the Palace of Culture, the Hall of Mirrors, the exhibitions in the county museum, the Bernády Memorial Room, the Romanian and Hungarian Modern Art Galleries. The book collection at the Teleki Library and the Memorial Museum of the two Bolyai (Farkas and János) attract thousands of tourists annually. The Gothic Church in the Citadel, the parish church of St. John the Baptist, the Synagogue, the Museum of the Jewish Community, the Ethnographic Museum in the Roses’ Square, the Medieval Citadel, as well as the History and Archeology Museum in the citadel offer unforgettable impressions. 

5. Consequatur aut perferendis Map pin

1. Teleki Library - Târgu Mureș

2. „Bolyai” building - Târgu Mureș

3. Fortress church - Târgu Mureș

4. Medieval Citadel Târgu Mureș

5. Church of Saint John the Baptist - Târgu Mureș

6. Cultural Palace - Târgu Mureș

7. Administrative Palace - Târgu Mureș

8. Status Quo Ante Synagog - Târgu Mureș


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