Bear Lake walkway - Sovata

Ursu Lake is the most valuable element within the protected natural area, and the tourist attraction number one in Sovata. The alley arranged around it has a length of 1,085 m. In order to create facilities for the tourists who cross it, a series of facilities and constructions have been proposed to provide comfort and new places of attraction. One end of this alley is located southeast of the lake, in the vicinity of the park in the center of the resort. The other is at the eastern foot of the lake and access to the pool. Along the main path around Ursu Lake there are 8 nodal points with different functions: resting places, information point, public sanitary group. Points 1, 2, 4, 6, 7 and 8 are simple layouts with a circulation platform and sitting benches. Point 1 is the main access point on the shores of the lake.Point 4 opens the view to the lake and resort and starts the eco-didactic route of the Salt Lake and the western alley. Point 7 is the southern end of the Tivoli alley. Point 3 is a special place, an area stretching between the lakes of Ursu and Aluniş. The facilities in this place are: information point building, protected area management sites, resting places, and more. Point 5 is the access point to the Green and Red lakes and Paraschiva Lake, where a covered resting place is arranged here.


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