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Treasure Hills - Livezeni
Centuries ago, the village of Livezeni, near Marosvásárhely / Târgu Mureş was regularly robbed by both the Turks and the Tartars. However, according to a legend, the treasures of the Turks are still buried under the hills nearby. Legend says that the Turkish soldiers who devastated the village were sharing the robbed treasures, when the locals hiding in the forests saw that the Turks were preparing to flee. It was because of the Tartars, who arrived, and the Turkish soldiers sought to hastily hide the treasures from them. They dug several pits in the hills near the village, hid the stolen treasures in the ground and then ran away. The Tatars who arrived in the village and its surroundings did not find anything to rob, and as a revenge, they burned down the homes in  the village. After the Tartars left the village, the locals could finally come out. They returned to the village and rebuilt it, but all the treasures hidden beneath the hills near the woods were forgotten by all. However, a legend says that one day, one of the local farmers received a letter from an unknown expeditor – in which it was described with precision where the Turkish Treasures had been buried. Supposedly the farmer found the stolen treasures and disappeared with them, but another narrative says just the opposite: a lot of gold, silver and diamonds are still buried under the ground ever since.

According to science, the interesting hills southwest of Livezeni were created due to a landslide. Between these hills the Turkish troops could have indeed camped in 1662, under the leadership of Ali Pasha. The hills hiding the treasures are worth visiting not only as fortune-hunters, but also as hikers, and also exploring the forests which protected the locals during the sieges.

Another attraction in the village of Livezeni is the Calvinist Church, built in 1816, using the building material of the old Gothic-style church. In the small settlement there are several guesthouses and boarding houses. Livezeni is developing more and more, however, due to the proximity of Marosvásárhely / Târgu Mures, rather than the treasures under the land hills.

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