Legendary Places / God's Chair -- Călimani Mountains

God's Chair --  Călimani Mountains
God's Chair --  Călimani Mountains
This chair-shaped peak rises up to the sky in the south-western part of the Kelemen/Călimani Mountains. It is called the Seat of God, as folk tradition says that God rested here after having created the beautiful mountain ranges, the valleys of the countryside, the river-bed of Mureș and after He populated this countryside. It is said that this land was also one of the favorite hunting places for King St. Ladislas.

In fact, God’s Chair is a mountain glade surrounded by andesite rocks, from far similar to a chair or a coffin.It is a hard trial for nature lovers to climb onto God's Chair, but the sight that comes to us compensates for all the efforts. After Deda Bistra, to the East, beyond the Bistra river, about at 7-800 meters northwards there is a blue tourist mark, which leads to the peak. Hikers have to overcome the 900 m altitude gain during about four hours of walking. Mureș river separates the two volcanic mountain ranges: Gurghiu and Călimani Mountains. In some areas, only the river, the road and the railway lie in the valley, the mountains are covered by forests. This is a real heaven on earth for adventurous and experienced hikers, as they can discover wonderful natural sights. 

Climbing the hills, mountains and hiking trails of the countryside is an exciting challenge for visitors. Naming God's Chair as being a mountain peak is perhaps not the right choice, as hikers arriving there will discover an extensive glade. Its rim is steep and dangerous, but the landscape is breathtakingly beautiful. It seems as if God, who made  this countryside so enchanting really was there and even He was overwhelmed by His work.

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