TARGU MURES: Oscar și Tanti Roz // Marius Manole, Oana Pellea, Antoaneta Cojocaru, Cristina Casian


12 february 2024
Oscar and Aunt Rose - it's not just the story of a child unjustly treated by fate, who talks to God; it's our story, all of us. In Eric Emmanuel Schmitt's text, there's a disturbing message: any of us can be Oscar, but with a bit more luck. Giving more days means trying to enjoy life, regardless of how it's destined - as a prize or punishment - without forgetting to spread goodness around you.
"I had a special encounter with Oscar and Aunt Rose from the start, and I immediately knew I would do it. When I read Eric Emmanuel Schmitt's book, I felt that something was connecting; it was like a miracle floating in the air. (...) The main character in this play is not Oscar, not Aunt Rose, but God."
"Why does God let diseases and sick people in this world? If He's so good, why does He allow so much suffering? I found the answer: because life is a loan."
"In our century, we forget about death, being so sick with pride, so eager to be the biggest, the strongest, the best, to have everything. In this 'intoxication,' we are told: 'You have cancer,' and then nothing has value anymore, nothing matters... We realize how small we are, although we thought we could inherit the earth." (Interview with Marius Manole, Adevărul)
With "Oscar and Aunt Rose," the theater becomes once again a space of excellence, where spectators come to see the truth. The play at the Bulandra Theatre is profound, powerful, and disturbing about life and death.
Between "Dear God" and the final signature "Kiss you. See you tomorrow!" the life of a ten-year-old child, living his last days, is documented... Eric Emmanuel Schmitt's novel, dramatized and brought to the stage, gains astonishing strength.
Oana Pellea (Aunt Rose) is a combination of fragility and strength, tenderness and unconditional love that captivates you from the beginning. The couple she forms with Marius Manole (Oscar) has a special chemistry, a sincerity that works organically on the spectator. Cristina Casian (Bacon) and Antoaneta Cojocaru (Peggy Blue) are two presences that, in the equation of the performance, tell the story of hope. (Ioana Moldovan).

Aunt Rose - Oana Pellea
Oscar - Marius Manole
Peggy Blue - Antoaneta Cojocaru
Bacon - Cristina Cassian
Dramatization and direction: Chris Simion Mercurian
Set design: Adina Mastalier

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