French Film Festival in Târgu Mureș

French Film Festival in Târgu Mureș


March 23
We look forward to welcoming you to the 27th edition of the French Film Festival, which celebrates 30 years of Francophonie in Romania. In Târgu Mureș, screenings will take place at the Mureș County Museum, History Section - Multimedia Hall (Târgu Mureș Fortress), from 23-26 March 2023.

Thursday, 23 March, 20:00
LA NUIT DU 12 / THE NIGHT OF THE 12 (d. Dominik Moll)
Section: Panorama Films of the Year
Best Film and Best Screenplay at the Lumière Awards (2023)
The film premiered at Cannes 2022
Thriller, Crime | France, Belgium | 2022 | 1h55

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