Anthony Steadman's Strange Life


What do you regret?
If I told you that you could go back, relive your life, knowing everything you know now - would you do it?
Even if we were capable of this, we would have no way of anticipating the consequences of every choice, so we would have no way of knowing whether everything would be better, the same, or worse than it was.
We invite you on an intense and exciting journey that takes us between conscious and unconscious, reality and fantasy, through a maze of choices and consequences, reflecting on the inevitability of destiny and the complexity of human decisions.
A theatrical experience that will make you wonder if we are truly in control of our own destiny.

Mihai CRĂCIUN: Anthony Steadman
Radu ANASTAS: Nick
Loredana DASCĂLU: Kate
Luchian PANTEA: Mouhamed Lamine / Marc
Delia BĂLAȘA: Franky
Steliana BĂLĂCIANU: Heather
Tiberius VASINIUC: Lawrence BOTT
Alexandru-Andrei CHIRAN: Terry
Cristina HOLTZLI: Mrs Dent
Mela MIHAI as Barbara

Artistic direction: Nicolas CRISTACHE
Scenography: Aurel ASANACHE
Lighting design: Cristian NICULESCU
Translation: Marian POPESCU
Sufleor: Iolanda BELBE
Technical direction: Stelian CHIȚACU

The performance will take place on Thursday, May 30, at 19.30, at the Sala Mică.

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