Scenic roads for cyclists in Mureș County – Cycling around Târgu-Mureș

One of the most enjoyable ways to discover new places is, without a doubt, from the height of a bicycle. In addition to exercising, the bike gives you the freedom to admire the environment around you at your own pace. But perhaps the greatest advantage of cycling is that it activates all your senses: you see the beauty of the landscapes that unfold slowly before your eyes, you hear the sounds of nature and the chirping of birds, you breathe in the fresh air and the scent of flowers or freshly mowed grass, you feel the light breeze that caresses your whole body, so that in the end you can taste the whole experience.

You don't have to have sophisticated equipment to enjoy a bike ride around the city. But you should have a reliable bicycle that is well prepared for the season, a helmet and comfortable clothing. Sunglasses are optional, but quite useful, as well as a raincoat or a wind-stopper and most importantly, don't forget about water! Otherwise, you can invite your friends or family for a ride and stop for a picnic in a clearing or any other place you like.

Before you set off, plan your itinerary and use a map. You can use different applications in which you mark your proposed route (and you can even share it with your fellow travelers), which will show you the total distance, elevation gain and loss and estimated time. That way you will know exactly what to expect.

Another recommendation would be to plan for a route in which you will be able to see or visit a tourist attraction or to make a circuit, so you don't return on the same road you started.

In the following, we will propose some cycling routes around the city of Târgu Mureș, of different degrees of difficulty, so you each find inspiration, according to your own level of fitness.

The routes are made and recommended by Pro Biciclo Urbo Association from Târgu Mureș.

Route 1: Târgu Mureș – Gornești (Teleki Castle) – Târgu Mureș
Itinerary: Târgu Mureș – Sângeorgiu de Mureș – Tofalău – Săcăreni – Călușeri – Pădureni – Gornești – Chinari – Târgu Mureș.

What you can visit: Teleki Castle in Gornești

Teleki Castle was built in Baroque style, between 1771-1778, on the site of a former medieval fortress. The U-shaped castle plan with a high central dome above the main reception room is typical for the so-called Grassalkovich building style. The castle park was made in French style at first, but starting with the 19th century it became an English garden. In 1949 the property was nationalized, and in 1956, after a tuberculosis epidemic, it was turned into a Tuberculosis Preventorium for children. The owners got the castle back in 2006, but it only came into the possession of the Teleki family in 2011 and they immediately introduced it into the tourist circuit.
Address: Gornești nr. 479
Opening hours: daily between 10 am – 6 pm
Phone: +40 749356134
Guided tours are organized upon request. Please call in advance to announce your visit. 
Total distance: 45 km
In town:  0 km| paved road: 10 km| dirt road: 35 Km
Difficulty: beginner
Route 2: Târgu Mureș – Mociar Forest Reserve near Reghin – Târgu Mureș
Itinerary: Târgu Mureș –  Sângeorgiu de Mureș – Tofalău – Săcăreni – Călușeri – Isla – Sâmbriaș – Beica de Jos – Iernuțeni – Reghin – Breaza – Voivodeni – Glodeni – Chinari – Curteni – Sântana de Mureș – Târgu Mureș

What you can see: traditional Hungarian houses (in Hodoșa and Sâmbriaș)
What you can visit: Mociar Forest Reserve 
Mociar Forest is a picturesque area that covers 569 ha, at 400 m altitude, on the road from Reghin to Sovata. This secular oak reserve is among the oldest forests in Romania, comprising approximately 300 trees aged between 650 and 720 years. Mociar Forest was declared a forest nature reserve in 1932, for the protection of secular oaks (Quercus robur).
Total distance:  91 km
In town:  0 km| paved road: 75 km| dirt road: 16 Km
Difficulty:  advanced
Route 3: Târgu Mureș – Ogra (Haller Castle)
Itinerary:  Târgu Mureș – Nazna – Berghia – Band – Oroiu – Vaideiu – Dileu Vechi – Oarba de Mureș – Ogra – Dileu Nou – Sânmărghita – Șăușa – Sântioana de Mureș – Nazna – Târgu Mureș.

What you can see: typical villages for the Plains region
What you can visit:  Haller Castle in Ogra
Haller Castle is the first Transylvanian renovated castle, that reflects the elegance of the old times.
Situated at only 22 km from Târgu Mureș on the left side of the Mureș river, the castle was built in the
17th century in classicist baroque style. In the 1990s the castle hosted many institutions with different activities (school, kindergarten, boarding school, mill, bakery etc.), and from 2012 it opened the gates as a hotel, restaurant and wine cellar.
Total distance: 71 km
In town:  0 km| paved road: 41 km| dirt road: 30 Km
Difficulty:  medium
We hope that we’ve opened your appetite for exploring new territories by bike and we promise to return with recommendations of itineraries from other areas of Mureș County, such as Saxon villages or mountain bike trails.
Enjoy your cycling!

Photo credit: Pro Biciclo Urbo Association

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