Let's visit Mures county!

Let's go to Mureș County! There are now several options to get here: by road and highway, train, coach and airplane. You can reach Târgu Mureș from several directions by plane, from Budapest, London, Dortmund and Memmingen.  It is worth to take advantage of the low-cost flights and combine them from different parts of Europe. Within a maximum of three hours by plane, you can reach Transilvania International Airport in Târgu-Mureş.

The purpose of Visit Mures Association is to promote the tourism opportunities of the county and to present its uniqueness. With our website and application, we would like to draw the attention of travelers to the beauties, natural features, built heritage, cultural diversity from Mureș county, for which it is worth to buy tickets, take a flight, train, bus or just sit in the car and personally experience the attractive features and opportunities.

There are many places in Mureș worth visiting and spending several days of active recreation, swimming, hiking, and exploring monuments. We can also say that Mureș county is the county of hidden beauties, whether it is natural or built heritage. 

In many places, we can meet the untouched nature, rustic settlements, where folk traditions are part of living and everyday life, or with old medieval towns that still bare the marks of rich history. There are many symbols of the multi-ethnic religious denominations - churches, cemeteries, which can also be visited.

You can choose from a variety of festivals organized in Mureș: theater, gastronomy, folklore, modern and classical music, medieval festivals, book festivals, all of which can make your stay more interesting.

In Mureș county , there are several different ethnic groups of people living together, which, in addition to the built heritage, also brings about diversity of culture, folk tradition and gastronomy. Museums, country houses, memorial rooms, memorial houses and events are reflecting this diversity all over the year. Romanian, Hungarian, Roma, Armenian, Saxon and Jewish communities have lived together for more centuries. And while the number of some communities is decreasing, their memory is preserved by buildings, churches, cemeteries, fortresses, castles, schools, and, last but not least the gastronomy, to which all communities have added their own characteristics.

What are the possibilities for recreation, recharging and  entertainment in Mureș?
Here you can climb a mountain, hike, go rafting, fishing, hunting, or take a nostalgic ride with a steam train. Apart from the wide range of sports activities, you can go swimming in the world's largest heliothermic saltwater lake, you can enjoy the benefits of spa waters, natural wonders, taste local wines and food specialties, or visit one of Europe's largest and most beautiful zoos.

On our blog, we try to regularly report about the characteristics of a location, like how to get there, accommodation, dining, or relaxation possibilities, and what else there is to discover in that area.

Be bold! Be curious! Be a traveler in Mureș county!
Enjoy your stay!

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