5 things to do in Târgu-Mureș

Experience the vibe of Târgu-Mureș

Start with the cultural symbol of the city – visit the interior of the Cultural Palace

Built between 1911 and 1913 at the initiative of the visionary mayor Bernády György, the Palace of Culture is considered by many specialists as one of the most beautiful achievements of the Secession style in Transylvania. The idea of building the palace came as a natural consequence of the cultural development of the city in the beginning of the 20th century. The building was meant to host the music school, the town’s library, a theater and an art gallery. The mayor insisted that it was designed by the same architect couple, Komor Marcell and Jakab Dezső, who had also built the imposing Town Hall, a few years before. The palace is decorated on the outside with bas reliefs, frescoes, mosaics and valuable stained glass windows, specific to the Secession style. Inside you can visit the Foyer, the Great Hall (concert hall), the Small Hall and the Mirror Hall. The Museum of Mureș County can also be found here with the Romanian and Hungarian Art Galleries open for the public, the County Library and the State Philharmonics.

Walk along the Roses’ Square, all the way to the medieval citadel

The Roses’ Square represents the central square of the city, crossing it from South-West to North-East. The name comes from the many roses that adorn the narrow park between the two traffic directions of the main road. All along the Roses’ Square you will pass in front of historic buildings, some centuries old, and you can admire façades built in Baroque, Art Nouveau and Classic styles. You will also see the churches of the city’s main denominations, whose followers have lived together for several centuries. If you start from the Western side of the center, when you reach the opposite end, you will see on your right side the Protestant Church in the citadel and the defense walls. Do not hesitate to climb up the gentle hill for an enjoyable walk inside the citadel. You will find here beautifully landscaped alleys, bastions and fortification walls that can be easily explored. Cool off with cold drinks in the summer, or soothe your hunger with the dishes made in the restaurant inside the citadel. 

Enjoy local culinary delights

If the walk opened your appetite for something good, there are enough places în Târgu-Mureș, strategically located in the center of the city, to satisfy the cravings of the tired traveler. You will find restaurants, bistros, terraces, cafés or steakhouses, serving both local and international dishes. Transylvanian cuisine is a unique blend of flavours and influences brought by minority populations in this area throughout history. They are usually fatty, tasty and spicy dishes, mostly based on pork. The most famous of these are: goulash, paprikash, Transylvanian broth with tarragon, caraway soup, cabbage “à la Cluj”, stuffed mushrooms, smoked sausages, stuffed bell peppers etc. The city has delicious local desserts to offer, too: vargabéles, floating islands, kürtőskalács, Hungarian plum dumplings, Napoleon Cake etc. Most of the venues in the centre are located around the Theatre Sq., along the Roses’ Sq. and Bolyai Street. 

Admire the city from above

After a hearty meal, take a relaxing nature walk. You can do this in Tg. Mureș without having to go too far. One of the hills that dominate the city is easily accessible from the central area, on foot or by taxi.  Cornești Plateau is the place where the locals look for shade and relaxation in nature during the Summer. In addition to visiting the ZOO located in the forest, in a natural environment, you will be able to take long walks, not only on the cobbled alleys, but also venture into the woods to listen to the bird songs. If you choose to stay in the landscaped area, you can take a tour to recharge your batteries with an ice cream or a cold beer, but also admire the city from above, from the specially designated place to see this panorama. Children will find here a small paradise dedicated to outdoor games and activities, a green area with swings, slides and the largest skatepark in the city, a narrow-gauged train and even a running track. 

Relax by the pool

If you are not the active relaxation type of person, and you would rather sit quietly by the swimming pool, in Tg. Mureș you have several options. The most popular destination is “Mureșul” leisure and sports complex, or simply “Weekend”, as the locals call it. It is located on the outskirts of the city, on the left bank of Mureș river, and it covers an area of about 40 ha. Here you will find everything you need to spend a full day splashing in the sun: various sized swimming pools, natural lawn beach, terraces with food and drinks, sports fields, even a canal for boats, cut off from a former branch of Mureș river. Apart from this complex, you can find several SPA and Wellness centers in the city, where you can have all the care and relaxation you need.

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