3 Reasons Why You Should Visit a Christmas Market

In the magical month of December, Christmas markets open one after another and the familiar tunes fill the squares and streets. In addition to the big rush, this period is also about slowing down, the time when we stop in the middle of the square and look into the bright Christmas lights sipping mulled wine with a smile on our face. 

If you haven’t visited the Christmas markets of Maros County yet, now it’s the perfect time to do it! Here are three reasons why you should visit a Christmas market:

  1. Unique atmosphere and setting

What else could better help you tune in for the holidays than a gingerbread-scented fair with sparkling Christmas lights? The stalls of handcrafted gifts, festive decors, flavors and heart-warming songs help to awake the holiday mood from the very first moment.

2. Scents and flavours

The scents of cinnamon, nutmeg and orange are must-haves when it comes to Christmas markets. It is hard to resist the steaming mulled wine on cold winter evenings and well, you shouldn't: it’s a nice way to warm up your body and soul. The wide range of mouthwatering BBQ encourage everyone to take a bite and the beautiful gingerbread in the stalls are the best to take home for a later snack.

3. Discover the hidden gems

The vendor stalls hide real treasure, colorful choices of quality handcrafts. Carved, knitted,  stitched, painted products including bags, accessories, wooden toys, decorations and so much more, you surely can find a unique gift to surprise your loved ones who have stayed at home or for those who are far away from home at Christmas time. 

Do you feel like going out? It’s still not too late! 

  • Visit the Local Farmer’s Market Craft on the 20th of December! You can find more details on the event’s page:

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