„Bolyai” building - Târgu Mureș

The building that houses Bolyai Farkas High School was built in several stages, the main building being the last one, built in Secession style, between 1908 - 1909. In 1557 the Reformed Private School (Schola Particula) was relocated from the Citadel, where it had functioned within the Franciscan monastery, on the site where we can find today Bolyai Farkas High School. Later, in 1718, following the dissolution of Calvin College in Alba Iulia by the Habsburgs, the students were taken over by the Schola Particula în Târgu-Mureș, which was elevated on this occasion to the rank of College. From 1957 the high school took over the name of the famous scholar Bolyai Farkas, who lived and taught mathematics in Tg. Mureș.


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